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strategic, just as pipe lines and railways can
become strategic.
This being so it is plain that for the Federal
Union a common money means an identical
economic life throughout the Union. And this
too is implied also in Mr Streifs €C customs-free "
economy. It is impossible to have a common
money when a dollar or a pound* or whatever it is,
can buy this, that or the othei1* advantage in one
state and is debarred from anything but bare
purchases for consumption in another. So that
this Federal Union is bound to be a uniform
economic system. There can be only very slight
variations in the control of economic life.
In the preceding sections the implacable forces
that make for the collectivisation of the world or
disaster, ha ye been exposed. It follows that
" Federation" means practically uniform
socialism within the Federal limits, leading, as
state after state is incorporated, to world socialism.
There manifestly we carry Mr Streit farther than
he realises he goes—as yet. For it is fairly evident
that he is under the impression that a large
measure of independent private business is to
go on throughout the Union. I doubt if he
imagines it is necessary to go beyond the partial
socialisation already achieved by the New Deal.
But we have assembled evidence to show that the
G                   .       97